Welcome to ALEFE, Inc.

ALEFE, Inc. is an educational 501 (c)(3) that aims at providing free and low-cost Arabic language programs to TK-12 public school students from diverse backgrounds. ALEFE is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. Its root is often used to mean bringing communities and hearts together. 

This is the essence of our work: we teach Arabic and build cultural bridges.

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Current Programs

Time for a shift

Stick Shift

After 3 years of offering successful Arabic afterschool classes and summer camps, ALEFE is shifting to a new "modus-operandi" starting in Fall 2022 isA. More details to follow soon so stay tuned! 

ALEFE is a future in the making,

so hurry up and join the dream!


Past and Upcoming Events

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  • Networking events

  • Arabic Teachers training and scholarships 


  • Arabic after school program

  • Arabic Summer program

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