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Help build an Arabic Pre-School in Elk Grove, CA

ALEFE is currently fundraising for an Arabic immersion preschool in Elk Grove,CA  this year. Its aim is  to grow this project into an Arabic Immersion Charter School in 2022.

$250-Quality Training to One Arabic teacher

A professionally trained teacher is an important key to the success of our next generation of multi-cultural global citizens. Don't miss this rewarding investment opportunity!

$100-Innovative Arabic & STEAM materials

Relying on textbooks and traditional teaching techniques is no longer an option. Adding innovative and smart materials to our Arabic and STEAM classroom is a must. Help us achieve this goal! 

$50- Make a gift to 1 low-income student

This contribution will allow 1 low-income student to attend 10 hours (out of 93) in our Arabic Montessori Class. We currently have 4 low-income students interested in the class. This means 37 donors of $50 dollars each will be more than enough to cover these students' tuition for the whole semester (January-May). Your generosity will definitely put a smile on their face, so you can choose to donate $50, $100 or more if you want.  

Or choose the amount you would like to donate!

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