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$250-Quality Training to One Arabic teacher

A professionally trained teacher is an important key to the success of our next generation of multi-cultural global citizens. Don't miss this rewarding investment opportunity!

$100-Innovative Arabic & STEAM materials

Relying on textbooks and traditional teaching techniques is no longer an option. Adding innovative and smart materials to our Arabic and STEAM classroom is a must. Help us achieve this goal! 

$50- Make a gift to 1 low-income student

This contribution will allow 1 low-income student to attend 10 hours (out of 93) in our Arabic Montessori Class. We currently have 4 low-income students interested in the class. This means 37 donors of $50 dollars each will be more than enough to cover these students' tuition for the whole semester (January-May). Your generosity will definitely put a smile on their face, so you can choose to donate $50, $100 or more if you want.  

Or choose the amount you would like to donate!

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