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Arabic Program

Summer Program (Open

ALEFE Arabic Program (Summer 2020) will consist of free zoom classrooms for 1st-6th grade students. Classes will start on Monday June 1st, 2020 and will be offered Monday through Friday from 10am to 11am. No prior knowledge of Arabic is required.

The class is intended to help students improve their reading skills in Arabic based on their current level of proficiency (1,2 or 3). Students with little exposure to Arabic (level 1) will learn the Arabic alphabet names and sounds and will learn to recognize the shape of each letter when used in a word (beginning, middle and end). Students with some knowledge of the Arabic Alphabet (Level 2) will learn to combine reading their letters with Tash-keel (fat-ha, kas-ra and dum-aa). Students with beginner reading skills (Level 3) will learn to read words with Tash-keel and simple sentences.

This summer program will serve existing ALEFE students (for Fall 2020). If you are not an existing student and wish to learn more about the program or join* our wait list, please click the link button below to learn more about the program.

*We only have 4 spots for 4th-6th grade students or (1st-3rd graders with advanced reading skills).

Arabic Calligraphy and Story Authoring Class

For 1st-6th graders

No prior knowledge needed.

Program for this year has ended last Spring. We will announce future schedules on this page.

Arabic Montessori After School Class

The Arabic Montessori after school class is for K-2nd grade students (beginner level). Classes meet twice a week (usually Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:30-6:00pm) to work on a "me-museum". Through this Montessori inspired project, students learn to communicate in Arabic to:

  1. Introduce and describe themselves (outside) : body, actions, and senses, etc.

  2. Express their feelings (inside): likes vs. dislikes, manners  and emotions, etc.

  3. Introduce their environment (outside): school life, where their live, male and female, greetings, etc.

  4. Describe their immediate social environment (inside):  family members, relatives, etc. 

We had a successful after school class last May 2018 held at Atkinson Charter Academy - Carmichael. We will announce future classes soon!


STARTALK: Celebrations of Arab Nations

Summer Program, July 1st - 26th, 2019 (Closed)

Through a STARTALK grant, ALEFE summer program “Celebrations of Arab Nations” offered an authentic opportunity to twenty K-2nd grade students to experience the several ways in which the Arab World expresses itself linguistically and culturally to celebrate two special occasions: weddings and baby showers.  During a four-week summer camp, heritage and non-heritage students reflected on the similarities and differences between the ways cultures celebrate these two occasions in terms of food, costumes and social figures/characters. Students were kept engaged through a number of sensorial activities in a Montessori classroom setup. In this student-centered classroom, students got to decide on whether they would like to learn about the studied celebration through language jobs/activities, cultural jobs/activities or math jobs/activities. Each of these three areas of learning have authentic materials related to the studied celebration to ensure that students discover the Arabic language and culture through as many venues as possible. 

Arabic After School Class

Fall Program (Close

The ALEFE Arabic Program (from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020) is now closed. It consisted of two classes: an Arabic calligraphy class and a story authoring class. Both were  offered at Elk Grove Charter School (10065 Atkins Dr. Elk Grove, CA 95757) every Thursday (4:00-6:30 pm). Classes started last Oct 24th, 2019 and concluded on March 26th, 2020. No prior knowledge of Arabic was required. 


Program was FREE for STARTALK students of 2018 or 2019;  and $59/month for new students. We will announce future after school programs including registration schedules.

Arabic in Charter Schools

Charter Schools strive to offer enrichment opportunities to its students. ALEFE is now an approved vendor with VISIONS in Education Charter school and INSPIRE Charter. In addition to that, our team is diligently working on introducing Arabic programs in other US charter schools in Sacramento. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for this program!

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